Get this Look! LED Icicle Lights and LED Light Strings

Get this look - Icicle Lights

We LOVE it when our customers share their Christmas displays with us. Your photos are the highlights of our day.

We love this photo using LED Christmas lights to celebrate the season.

Get the Look!

For this look, the shopping list is simple:


Measure your roofline and porch before purchasing with either a tape measure, a well-estimated step, or use a child and your "finger calipers" to estimate how many sets of icicle lights you'll need to light the front and sides of your home.

The icicle clips make installation easy at the shingle's edge.

Along railings there are several installation options:

  • Command hooks
  • Little nails
  • Zip ties

This list of options is not all-inclusive but gives you an idea of where to start.

After installing the LED icicle lights, the red lights were round around the verticle areas of the porch railing and the multi-color strings were run along the same shingle edges as the icicle lights.

A fun extravaganza of lights.

Purchased all at once or added over a couple of seasons, we love the way all these lights combine for a wonderfully, cheery look for Christmas.

We look forward to seeing a photo of your project! Send them to