Get This Look: Relighting a Herd of Horses

Lighting Horses

We are always excited to open customer emails with project images.

Larry's project definitely did not disappoint. We know why he chose to replace the lights on these horses instead of putting them out to pasture.

(Think of what these lights could do for your lawn deer!)

Get the Look

For ths project, Larry, used these lights

Using shorter strings has an advantage that if a squirrel chews the lights, replacing a single strand is quick and easy.

From the customer:

For your reference it took me 270 mini lights on 2.5” spacing to do one normal sized horse yard ornament as you have pictured from one of your customers. That was more than I was expecting, I didn’t account for the closer spacing than it originally came with so I have placed another order for my two remaining horses.

This is great advice to keep in mind as you repair your yard art.

As noted on all of our products either the lights with built-in clips or clips that fit onto the bases of minilights, double measure your frames with an adjustable wrench and measure the gap. Precision is required because the clip fit must be spot-on.

Enjoy the photos and send us your projects. We'd love to see them.