Entryway Keyholder with Lights

Christmas Lights Key Holder Mason Jar

We love it when customers share quick projects that can be tailored for any season. For this project, choose Christmas floral picks for Winter, peonies for Spring.

Thanks so much to Stacey for sharing the photos!


  • Plywood and stain
  • Small crate (available at a local craft or hobby store, ie. Hobby Lobby or Michaels)
  • Hooks
  • Mason jar
  • Circular clamp
  • Decorative hooks
  • Battery lights

General Instructions

The great things about these types of woodworking projects is that everything can be cut to fit for your installation space.

  1. Cut plywood backing to fit the size and shape of your entryway
  2. Stain plywood and crate (or paint!)
  3. Install the hooks
  4. Run a screw through the clamp
  5. Glue the crate onto the plywood, then after it dries, nail through the plywood into the sides of the crate
  6. Install mason jar
  7. Add lights, filler and floral picks.

What a great way to store mail and keys. We love it!

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