Easy Snowglobes to Make with Your Kids

Easy Snowglobes to Make with Your Kids


Always looking for something to do with the boys as the days get shorter, I keep a list of quick and easy projects to do with the boys.

Since I have plenty of Kerr jars, glue sticks and random objects either in my Christmas stash or easily picked up at a Sunday afternoon craft run with a friend at a local hobby store, home-made snow globes are a fun way to spend an Autumn/Winter afternoon.

After all, in Texas, a snow globe may be the closest thing we get to actual snow.


  1. A jar. Canning jars work best because the rubber seal on the lid is pretty water-tight

2. A small interesting figurine, action figure or waterproof object d'art


3. Hot Glue


4. Water (Add a splash of glycerine if you have it handy)

5. Glitter - choose traditional, Holiday themed, or oversized transparent


You may find yourself looking at little toys and plastic do-hickies in an entirely new light. If you've ever cleared out the car and thrown out 20 plastic kid's meals toys, it may be time to start a snow globe box for those little plastic treasures.

Instructions: ( I know they are long and complicated but bear with me.... )

  1. Clean your countertop so Instagram photos won't show fingerprints and will show your begonia with just the one sad leaf...

2. Glue the Santa, Snowman or trees to the lid of your canning jar


3. Wait about 30 seconds. It really is that fast.


4. Add a healthy dose of glitter, snowflake glitter, weird transparent glitter to your jar


5. Add water .... but not too much....


6. Then pour a bunch out


7. Realize you have a huge air bubble then add more water


8. Turn your magical project upside down and give it a shake


9. Now, relax and reflect on the character building time you just had with the children. Text photos to all your friends and post images on Instagram linked to Facebook so everyone will be amazed by your superior craft-craftiness.

Project accomplished.

Quick, easy and not a breakable as those souvenir snow globes that always end up smashed on the bathroom floor. #shelliesworld

Here's how those little trees turned out. They turned the water a pea-green. A couple of water changes fixed that. They've been looking lovely on my countertop for a couple of weeks now and they are working out well.