Easy Halloween Party Lights - Ping Pong Ball Crafts

Halloween party lights

Planning a Halloween Party? Decorating for Autumn?

I love using ping pong balls to transform any set of Christmas lights into the perfect accent for a party. This time of year, ORANGE is the perfect color.

Here are quick and easy instructions:

1. Assemble your materials

  • A string of yellow or orange mini lights for Autumn
  • Ping pong balls - Available at your local big box store or Amazon.
  • A sharp knife or a drill driver with a 5/16" drill bit

2. Drill a hole in each ping pong ball or cut a hole big enough to allow you to install a mini light

3. Pop those ping pong balls onto each light.

4. Hang them up and have fun!

Here is our video showing how easy this project really is.

Questions on how to drill or cut the ping pong balls? Check out the video below.

Originally published September 27, 2016. Updated September 20, 2019.