Easter Centerpiece or Tablescape

Easter Centerpiece or Tablescape


Our tray came with the foam and moss already installed. Win!

Not so lucky? A foam block and florist moss is all that's needed to duplicate this look.

The speckled Easter eggs. We found these at the Target dollar spot. They have a muted pastel appeal that complements our wooden tray.

The stripes in these carrots create visual interest. (Also from Target!)

Lights make everything better and these warm white LED micro battery lights fit the bill!

Our Easter sign. We pulled this from my personal stash.


Wind the lights into the moss to lights the foundation of the centerpiece.

Adding the sign. As the largest accessory, it anchors the project.

Fill in the tray with the carrots and eggs.

The completed project only takes minutes to assemble which makes it a perfect DIY project for us (and probably for you as well!).

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