DIY: Rustic Coral Theme Centerpiece: Mason Jars and Lights

DIY: Rustic Coral Theme Centerpiece: Mason Jars and Lights

This is a quick post to serve as an inspiration as you plan for a centerpiece for a wedding, event or plans to light up your side table.


  • Mason Jar - we used a quart jar here so it could double as "vase" for a faux wedding bouquet
  • Battery Lights
  • Metallic paint and a bristle or sponge brush
  • Floral picks or a pre-made faux wedding bouquet
  • Burlap runner

For this project, the coral shade above was a "rose gold" craft paint and we applied it with a 2-inch brush. This alternative to spray painting created lines in the paint application that we thought matched the rustic chic look we were going for.

We masked off circles with garage sale sticker dots and gently removed them after the paint dried. We liked the raw metal look of the ring but it could be spray painted or hand painted to match.

We used these warm white battery lights for this project.

We installed new batteries, wound the light string around the mason jar to make large loops then popped them into the jar.

Stopping here would be just fine (don't you love those brush strokes?). Adding a bouquet of artificial flowers gives the project a different look. Combine this combo with a burlap table runner or circle and your rustic chic centerpiece is complete.