DIY: Raffia balls, lights and a basket!

DIY: Raffia balls, lights and a basket!

This easy project is perfect for Spring and is an easy way to light a side table, a countertop, or if battery lights provide the sparkle, a breakfast table!


  • Wire basket
  • String of lights
  • Natural toned raffia balls

The Process

Here are the raffia balls - at least that's what we are calling them! These are easy to find at your local hobby or craft store. We've also seen and used these in pastel colors for other projects. Choose your favorite color for the season. (See a project using pastel raffia balls.)

We love that this group has texture from the range of colors and sizes.

We found this basket at Hobby Lobby. We love the rustic look of the basket partnered with the natural colors of the balls. Scan your decor stash before heading to the store to see if you have a container that is similar.

We used warm white M5 battery lights on white wiring so the finished project can work anywhere! Using a light string works great for any installation near an outlet.

Install new batteries, turn on the lights, and wind the balls and lights into the basket.

Party ready!!

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