DIY: Mason Jar Mummies

DIY: Mason Jar Mummies

This project takes first place as one of our favorites for decorating this Halloween!! Quick and easy, involve the entire family in this spooky project!


  • battery operated LED lights - choose yellow, warm white or pure white
  • mason jars - choose your favorite size
  • frosting spray paint
  • googly eyes (is this spelled correctly? Is googlie more correct?)
  • gauze
  • glue gun

Assembly Instructions

We chose a set of warm white, pure white and yellow fairy battery lights so you'll be able to choose your favorite!

See our well-used battery lights! LOL

In order from left to right: warm white, pure white, happy yellow.

We grabbed a roll of gauze from a first aid kit. Note to self, buy new gauze for first aid kit.

Cut the gauze into strips. If you cut yourself, you're prepared.

Buy jars! And seriously consider doing more than three these are so cute.

These basic jars easily found in the kitchen section of your local big box store. They'll be cheaper there than at the hobby stores (as a rule of thumb),

Pick up some frosted glass spray! Find this at your local hobby and craft store. Pick up the spray not the brush on style for quicker and better results.

Spray, spray, spray, outside in a box or on newspaper. This part of the project will take 5 minutes and dry in about 10. A couple of coats is more than enough. Remember Dad's advice and shake the can often and use small bursts instead of a long burst to avoid drips and runs.

Sprayed and dry jars. If we can be patient, so can you. Have a glass of sweet tea while you wait.

Assemble the eyes while you sip your tea.

If you don't have a glue gun, consider this project a good reason to pick one up. A basic gun is fine. Don't burn your fingers or let it heat up on an important family heirloom.

Apply a single dot of glue to anchor the gauze in place.

Wrap the jars. Use another spot of glue to secure the end of the gauze.

Install the EYES!! If kids are involved the eyes may end up in interesting places.

Turn on the battery lights and install a set in each mummy.

Line the stairs!

Which color is your favorite?

Try adding mummies to your bookcases, bar carts, entryways and guest baths!

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