DIY Lighting a Wedding Bouquet

DIY Lighting a Wedding Bouquet

I'd like to say our studio had the fragrance of 10 flower gardens but alas, we're working in "faux" flowers for today's projects.

Whether fresh or man-made, don't miss out on the opportunity to add a little sparkle to your bridal bouquet.

It's easy. All that's required is the right set of battery lights, a bridal bouquet and a little patience.

This project also works well for fresh and faux floral arrangements.


  • Bridal and bridesmaids bouquets
  • Warm or pure white micro LED Battery lights

We had great luck finding bouquets on Amazon and at our local craft store.

A bouquet of lilies was a pleasant surprise. (We'll save them for a vase project.)

Here's the link to these flowers:

This rose bouquet looked better than expected. You can find it here: (note, we don't use affiliate links. These are just links.)

Pure white LED lights. The smaller battery box makes this set a great fit for projects where there isn't a lot of room to hide the batteries. Pure white battery lights accent pure white and blue-based color bouquets.

Note that watch batteries allow the battery box to be compact enough to hide pretty easily.

Warm white micro LED batteries. These lights look great when paired with warmer toned flowers. Mixing LED lights with traditional incandescent lights is tricky but warm white is the closer of the whites to the colors of filament bulbs.

These are the two bouquets we pulled for today's mock-up. The bouquet on the left composed of peonies and cabbage roses is one of our favorites. The vintage look of this bouquet is nicely accented with warm white.

If pink or purple are your wedding day accent colors, you might consider the flowers on the right. We're pairing these with pure white lights to complement the cooler tones of the flowers.


The instructions are easy.

Sit down with friends

Take a deep breath

Starting at the bottom of the arrangements, weave the wires of the battery lights around the flowers and tuck, tuck, tuck the wires. Pull and adjust the lights until they skim the surface of the bouquet.

A subtle glow is best.

Blinding the wedding guests as you walk the aisle .... not so much.

For larger bouquets, use two sets of lights.

Here are a few photos for that tucking process:

The starting point. Aren't they lovely?

Tuck in around the blossoms and under the leaves.

Work it. Work it. Have a half glass of wine if this is hard for you and it'll get easier. Trust me.

Wrap extra wire around the base of your arrangement. Tuck in that battery pack (or two).

The results. I honestly smiled and drew a breath when I flipped the switches. So lovely.

Can you imagine walking the aisle? So pretty.

Here is how the same arrangement works in a vase.

Our cool palette.

So colorful!

Today's projects were totally fun. Planning to try this yourself? Please share your photos!

OH! We forgot to light this bouquet. Here ya go!