DIY: Light and Easter Centerpiece!

DIY: Light and Easter Centerpiece!

A vintage candy dish or cake plate, a few easy to find Easter accessories and a couple of sets of battery lights combine to create a fun Easter centerpiece or tablescape accent this season.


  • A vintage candy dish, cake plate, or platter
  • Paper Easter grass
  • Battery lights
  • Eggs, bunnies, stuffed animals


Here is our happy green paper grass found at a local big-box store. We used this grass in last week's project as well.

A fun milk glass dish. We're sure this used to hold hard candies. Or something. A cake plate, a dish, or a platter would work equally well.

With wild abandon, put the grass in your container of choice.

Add a couple of sets of battery lights. For this project, we used two sets of warm white micro drop battery lights.

Turn the lights on to and distribute them like a little school (or is that swarm?) of fireflies on the inspired (fake) grass.

Add pastel eggs. We found these at the Dollar Spot. We liked the pastel colors but plain wooden or white fake eggs would have been lovely as well.

Project complete. Have you ever accomplished so much in 5 minutes? Reward yourself with a glass of southern sweet tea. (We like sweet tea made with Constant Comment tea bags and 2 cups of sugar to the 1/2 gallon.)

We thought we'd spice this project up faux husbandry.

The happy bunny.

Nestled into the eggs and lights. (Note, this is a $3 bunny from the Dollar Spot.)

This cute little dog was too cute to resist.

He looks a little puzzled sitting in the eggs but we think it's cute. Be inspired to use what you have on hand to create some Easter fun.

As we were breaking down this project, we thought we'd try it without the grass.

So. Lights.

And eggs! We love it!

What will you do for your Easter Table or for your guest bath counter? Please share your photos with us - tag us at @christmaslightsource or hashtag #christmaslightsource

Happy Easter!!

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