DIY: Fun Trunk or Treat Project

DIY: Fun Trunk or Treat Project

We always love to hear what Dawn and Mike from up in Illinois are doing for the latest Holiday.

This Halloween's trunk or treat extravaganza didn't disappoint.

This year's theme: Space

Search the kid's rooms. Open those science bins if you are a homeschooling family.

Find every random Star Wars moon and chicken toy. (Chicken? Really, Dawn?)

A little ductwork, a few foil covered styrofoam ball planets, black fabric and lights combine to create a fantastic space-scape.

The hardest most time-consuming part of this project looks to be hanging a couple of lights strings then finding, and installing all that black fabric.

A photo is worth 1000 words:

(Take note of Superman, the dude hung by his feet and um... the milky way. I have to wonder whose idea that was. Perfection.)

Mike backlit the project with Blue LED light strings powered with an inverter to add stars to the project.

After dark, the stars come into view and create magic. We love the choice of blue in this project. Really love it.

After dark.

Don't forget the inflatables!!! What a great family project. I know the kids loved it!

Happy Halloween!!!

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