Decorating with Pink Lights

Valentine's lights

Use your pink Christmas lights all Year.

Consider using pink lights all year. When you wear the right pink (that includes you, too, guys) it lights up your face like someone with a gauze-covered spotlight is following you around the supermarket. So, naturally, I had to test this color's power in lighting, and here are a few ideas on how to use this romantic hue.

Accent your dinner parties with pink lighting

Consider trying the following ideas:

  • Adorning your dining room sideboard with pink mini lights for soft, complexion-enhancing light.
  • Fill two large glass vases with light sets and place them on a buffet or side table.
  • Wrap an indoor palm or ficus to create a glowing architectural accent.
  • Use Pink light strings to decorate a birthday party

I think it's safe to say that most girls love the color pink.

  • Create a princess wonderland for a girl's birthday party with pink mini lights draped around the dining room ceiling, the gift table, and the cake table.
  • Intertwine them with white tulle for a special touch around the birthday girls' chair at the table. She'll feel like a princess all day long and the party will create memories she won't soon forget.
  • Use thumbtacks to create the birthday girl's name in an outline of pink mini-lights on a backyard fence.

Pink Lights Make a Pretty Bedroom

  • A girl's bedroom is the perfect place to light up with pink.
  • Use them to gracefully outline the canopy above her bed
  • Accent the mirror on her dressing table
  • Add some artwork to the walls - castles, dragons, toe shoes

Check your local craft stores for new easy-to--transfer appliques that are becoming available.

Use light as part of a plan to organize your daughter's room.

  • Throw some pink light on her beloved stuffed animals by accenting some shelves that you can install high on the wall.
  • Line the toys up among the light sets. She'll enjoy seeing them in the evening before she falls asleep. And you'll enjoy not rearranging them 5 times a day.

LED mini lights are an excellent choice for this application since they stay cool - only rising one degree in operation. (Otherwise, for conventional Christmas lights, make sure they don't come into contact with flammable material and only use under supervision.)

Don't forget that grown-up bedrooms need a little romantic light as well!

  • Try using rosy pink mini lights to set the tone in the boudoir.
  • Use them in large glass containers filled with tulle or use them to provide indirect lighting on top of bookcases and behind headboards.

Decorating Outdoors with Pink Mini Lights and Bulbs with Cords

Wrap your trees with pink mini lights or to celebrate a birthday - especially a sweet 16.

The unexpected color - usually one would expect clear - will be cause for conversation.

Mixing in a few red mini-lights would make an excellent surprise for a backyard Valentine's party.

Why not try pink as your color theme for the 2014 Christmas season?

Pink is warm, fun, and an easy color to get along with.

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't smile in the presence of this powerful pastel. Even on the gloomiest days, its refreshing and cheerful.

Pink Mini lights for Christmas

Why not use pink mini lights on your white or green Christmas tree this year?

Complement your pink light strands with white pearls, bows, and ornaments. It will be an exciting tree that your Christmas guests will envy and children will be in love with. If you have girls in the house, you can use their toys as part of the tree's decor or keep things ultra modern and clean.

Try combining pink lights with pink, purple and turquoise ornaments on a white tree for a totally over-the-top design.

Don't let your pink flamingo yard ornament go un-accessorized this Christmas season. Wrap them in pink and enjoy the glow. Flamingos could be the next Christmas classic whether you live in Florida or Minnesota.

Don't put the pink lights away when the Christmas season is over.

Whether indoors or outdoors, using pink lights is an economical way to think outside of the (white) lines when it comes to adding a little color to Christmas, decorating for Valentine's or making the garden sparkle for a party.

Click on this link for a sampling of pink light strings and bulbs to consider. It's good to know a few of your options!