Day of the Dead Battery Light Project!

Day of the Dead Battery Light Project!

Day of the Dead gatherings, Coco birthday celebrations, and Halloween parties are just a few reasons why this simple decor is a favorite here at the CLS project lab.


  • frosted votive holder
  • white battery operated lights
  • aquarium stone filler
  • Halloween floral pick
  • day of the dead skull stickers - find these at a hobby and craft store or if you are super-lucky a dollar store

Assembly Instructions

Fill with aquarium rocks.

Apply sticker to the front of the votive holder.

Insert floral pick.


A frosted votive holder from a craft supply store is perfect to add to your decor closet.

White battery operated lights stand up perfectly in a votive holder. Check to make sure the batteries are fresh and turn them on!

Aquarium stones make a great filler item for a variety of projects. Cheap and easy to keep in your design stash.

Halloween floral picks aren't just for flowers and vases.

Day of the Dead stickers can be found at any craft store.

Completed project!

Perfect for decor lighting in a living space.

It also serves as party lighting on the bar cart.