Get this Look! C9 Red and White Smooth LED bulbs and Cords

Red and White Christmas Lights

Thanks, Brian, for sharing this photo of your project and your comments as well!

Just wanted to thank you for all of your help. The bulbs were exactly what we were looking for and are actually brighter than the other incandescent bulbs being used on houses on our block. I had nothing to worry about in regards to brightness. Talking to a neighbor they actually had no idea they were LED.

Attached is a picture. We have a streetlight right in front of our house which effects the look but the brightness of the bulbs counteract it.

They are on GFCI and I will work on getting a surge inline.

Thanks again.




See our blog with handy tips on measuring a house like this for an installation.

Be sure to plug your LED lights into a surge protector. That's in addition to GFCI when located out of doors.


Post originally published on December 7, 2017. Updated and re-released December 4, 2020 republished 10/25/2023