Simple Autumn Centerpiece

Simple Autumn Centerpiece

Summer temps are finally turning chilly and aren't we all pulling out our Fall sweaters, suede boots, pumpkin pie recipes. It's time to warm up our living spaces with accents of Autumn colors.

I'm happy to report that a quick trip to a craft shop to pick up a few readily available supplies and 10 minutes of your time and your friends and family will be totally impressed with your Autumn decorating.

Required supplies:

  • A fake or real pumpkin - I chose white in this project but orange is just as nice
  • Floral accessories - if you choose pumpkins, make sure to purchase an uneven number - 3 or 5
  • 2 strings of fairy battery lights
  • A leaf garland
  • Additional options: cranberry accents, ribbons, seed pods, flowers (dried or faux)

Assemble them on your work surface and they'll look a lot like this:


The pumpkin....


The floral accessories. We love the coordinating white mini-pumpkins but corn, cranberries and other accents would be great choices as well.


The battery lights. These are warm white.

fairy battey lights

The leaf garland.

leaf garland

Project Steps:

  1. Roll leaf garland into a tight circle
  2. Weave fairy battery lights into the leaves - warm white or yellow work nicely for this project
  3. Cover any bare spots with leaf accents and mini pumpkins
  4. Add the pumpkin in the center to cover battery boxes
  5. Turn on the battery lights and wait for applause

The fairy battery lights we used in this project are made without traditional insulation - so they are just "bare wire". That makes it easy to bend and twist them into floral arrangements. They also last over 100 hours on a single battery set of 3 AA batteries.

Here's a quick video of the entire process!