Get This Look: Clear Glass Mini Lights for Your Christmas Tree

Mini Lights on your Christmas Tree

A customer from Omaha was kind enough to share this lovely photo of her Christmas tree. Winding 14 strings of 50 white lights on green wire and another 5 sets of 100 white lights beautifully light this classic tree.

The light strings used for this set are made with 4 inches between the light bulbs. This is a great spacing for Christmas trees and provides a nice ratio of lights to wiring.

Here is what she had to say:

These lights are nicer than I expected. The wiring is thicker and feels sturdier than my old incandescent lights. I wasn't sure if the 4-inch spacing would put the bulbs too close together, but it turned out to be the perfect spacing for our 7 1/2 ft artificial tree. I decided on the 50 light strings because I thought they would be less cumbersome to put on the tree, but I think the 100 light strings would have been just fine (fewer connections to hide), so when I ran out of the 50 light strings I placed another order and added some 100 light strings. (They're great too.) We used a total of 800 lights on the tree, not all strung together of course, and it is absolutely dazzling with its mostly old world glass ornaments. (My photo doesn't do them justice.)

- Jodi in Nebraska



  1. Incandescent lights are warm, inviting, and classic. Keep in mind that they do heat up under operation.
  2. This tree shows what 1200 lights on a 7.5-foot tree looks like!
  3. Consider wrapping an extra string of light around the core of the tree before adding lights at the edges.
  4. Don't exceed 500 incandescent bulbs in a single circuit. So, for light sets with 50 bulbs, that's 10 strings and for 100 that's a max of 5. Use splitters and extension cords to separate lights into runs.
  5. Plug lights into a surge protector.
  6. Start winding lights into the top of the tree and work down the tree starting with a female plug hidden at the top so the light sets can be plugged into power at the interior of the tree.
  7. Always install lights first. Then garlands. Next, ornaments working from largest to smallest. If your plan includes bows, add them last.
  8. Christmas trees are always best decorated accompanied by Christmas music and a warm Christmas beverage.

If you'd like this look but have a white Christmas tree, there are Christmas tree lights made with white wiring.

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