Lights Across the Country: Ohio and Valentines Day

Lights Across the Country: Ohio and Valentines Day


I just received this wonderful photo and lovely email from Curt in Ohio.

Shellie Gardner,

Hello this is Curt and I wanted to show you what wife is doing with the colored lights I bought. This picture is her Valentine trees.

She is carrying on a family tradition that her Grandmother has done every year. Her Grandmother would leave her Christmas Tree up all year and decorate it for the Holidays. My wife loved looking at her tree and started decorating her three little Christmas trees for each holiday. It has given her a great way to honor her Grandmothers memory.

My wife has decorated her trees for several years with only white lights. Now that she has the colored lights, it will add that extra special touch that her trees needed.


Curt in Ohio

Hello Curt,

Thanks so much for sending me that photo. I love this tradition - both it is family connection and that it's beautiful.

I like the pink lights. I think it's fun to mix the color with white, as your wife has done here. She might consider adding yellow and/or green lights for Easter. (And the green is good for March!)

I may have to do this for my boys next year with a small live tree. (That sounds fun!)

Have an excellent rest of your week, and I hope the weather is as lovely where you are as it is here.

Best regards,