Making St Patrick's Day a little brighter!

Making St Patrick’s Day a little brighter!

Always one to find a project - especially when we are all working and studying at home - David turned the house green for St Patrick's!

We know that Christmas lights make everyone smile so repurposing them to celebrate our Irish-ness seemed like the thing to do! Consider pulling lights out of your Holiday closet and repurposing them to brighten your block as well.

Get the Look! Materials

You probably already have these at home!

The bulbs. These are traditional glass, incandescent bulbs.

Install cord along the roofline using either magnetic clips David is or with traditional shingle-edge clips.

Get a friend to hold the ladder and to celebrate with a Guinness when the job is done!

Flip the switch. Enjoy the green. Text the neighbors.

Inspired to spread a little Holiday cheer in March? Please take a photo and share the love on Instagram and Facebook. #christmaslightsource @christmaslightsource

(I guess we just won "First to Put Up Christmas Lights" on the block!! This surprises none of our neighbors.)

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day, y'all.