Can I run 12 volt lights in series?

Can I run 12 volt lights in series?

Great question. Yes, our 12-volt light series can be run end-to-end up to 30 light sections in series. Each set is sold as a pair of components - a section of lights and a 15-foot extension section. When ordering multiple sets, there will be extra extensions. Save those for the future in case a cord is damaged in installation. If a fuse is blown in the adapter plug, swapping out the entire section is an easy fix.

The light sections have male and female coaxial style connectors that easily connect end to end. They provide a firm, water-resistant connections.

Here are close-up photos of the connectors.

Accessory End Connector

end of 12 volt light string

Light Section Connectors

Here is a quick video about our 12-volt Christmas lights.

Our customers have used these lights for:

  • Camping
  • Parades
  • Search and rescue lights in the cabs of their trucks
  • Freedom riders
  • Golf carts

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