Battery Lights, Mason Jars, and Dr. Who!

Battery Lights, Mason Jars, and Dr. Who!

Parties, holidays, TV-viewing parties are all made more fun with accessories - especially if they light up!

Case in point, we love the look of these jars decorated with vinyl Dr. Who silhouettes.

Get the Look

  • Mason Jars
  • Battery Lights - we choose microdrop LED lights in pure white for this project
  • Vinyl Appliques - either purchased pre-cut at a hobby store or purchased from a friend or Etsy vendor

Simply, adhere the stickers and install the lights! We hope you have a few sets of these in your party drawer for any battery light "emergency".

Our Process

Assemble your "ingredients". Don't have a mason jar? Grab a small vase. Shop your storage closet. Or shop your local hobby shop!

From here to the snack table!

Who's your favorite doctor? Share in the comments below.