2016 Christmas Tree Lights Giveaway Winners!

2016 Christmas Tree Lights Giveaway Winners!

Glass blocks aren't just for 80's decor. Available at local hobby and craft shops, they are now made with one side open so drilling is no longer required.

If you have a glass block in your crafting stash, add a set of craft lights and patriotic gel clings for a project that looks great on a counter. We like to use these seasonal projects to light our first-floor half-bath counter.


  • Glass block
  • Set of craft lights
  • Window cling - find at a craft, dollar, or big box store

We like to use string lights with white wire. The set featured in this project has 35 lights spaced 3 inches apart. Made with a 36-inch lead wire between the plug and the first light, an extension cord is not required. All of the lights with 35 bulbs and a single plug are here.

The block.

The lights and gel cling sheet. The gels are delicate and require gentle handling. (We figured that out with that large red flag section!). Orient the block so that the opening is "on the bottom".

Add the lights to the block. Tuck them in and take advantage of the gap at the base of the block to hide the wiring.

If we don't count drive time, this project should only take about 5 minutes. That leaves plenty of time to plan a 4th of July barbeque.

We created this project twice. Here is the second version ready to illuminate our visitors. Happy Independence Day.